Chris O'Brien

Chris O'Brien


During my 12 year role as a Project Manager in this industry, I have developed a well rounded knowledge of the racking/storage industry and how to process each order placed. While each aspect of the role requires a similar methodical way of processing the customers’ order, each project is unique.

The job role covers a wide array of required abilities which are quick to learn but can be difficult to master. From a Project Manager stance, we are normally involved once an order is placed by a customer. Sometimes we are brought into meetings prior to orders being placed to allow the customer and Warehouse Storage Solutions to plan the potential works and have a pre-contract meeting where all trades can input their thoughts into the proposed works.

Once an order is placed, I will sit down with the Salesperson and have the project handed over during a meeting. From here, I take the relevant information away and read through the quotation and the planned works. I then compile a list of items that require ordering, this is checked against the cost sheet cost sheet to ensure nothing is missed. I will introduce myself to the customer confirming that I will be looking after the project and and explain that I am here for anything that they require.

My responsibilities usually take the following path:

  • Issuing an order acknowledgement.
  • Checking materials quotes against the desired specification.
  • Carrying out a site survey and issuing sign-off drawings for approval.
  • Checking the technical specification of the materials to ensure they are safe and fit for purpose.
  • Placing orders and speaking with suppliers to discuss lead times. The start date is usually based upon the latest lead time unless the materials are all stock items. The materials are ordered with delivery dates to all fall in-line with one another. This prevents the customer from accepting numerous deliveries before the project starts.
  • Collate technical drawings to ensure all materials work well together and there are no clashes. This also includes working with other trades such as electricians, plumbers, fire suppression, partitioning companies and HVAC companies. A programme of works may be required to ensure the works run smoothly.
  • The best suited installation teams are normally chosen based around their skill set.
  • Site specific Risk Assessments and Method Statements are written to cover the aspects of the work and eliminate the potential for any accidents to occur.
  • Suitable plant such as scissor lifts and forklift trucks are ordered.
  • Installation drawings are put together to ensure the installation team have a clean start upon arrival on the first day.
  • Site visits are carried out to ensure the works are progressing as expected. The site visit normally involves a meeting with the customer to keep them up to date with the works and what is left to complete.
  • Checking over the installation and signing the work off upon completion with the installation team and also the customer.
  • Upon completion, checking the site is left clean and clear of debris. Off-hiring the hired plant to prevent this from being on site any longer than necessary.

Depending upon the size of the project, it may require myself to undertake the role of a Principal Contractor. This will involve over-seeing all the works on site on behalf of the customer. This task is very daunting to start with as you are working with numerous trades on site. Over-looking a simple issue could have a knock-on effect further along the timeline. This is where weekly site meetings with all the relevant trades and customer are essential to highlight the upcoming works and ensure all trades can work safely and in harmony.

All of the above works take place whilst managing multiple projects, each with their unique, customer requirement.

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