Chris O'Brien

Chris O'Brien


Coming from a construction orientated higher education background, I have always had a fascination with things being built or developed. After moving away from site management in the house building market, I moved into the warehouse storage industry in 2008 and started as a trainee project manager.

Very quickly I understood the various storage options whether that be adjustable pallet racking, low level shelving, mezzanine floors or the more technical systems. From here I learned how to project manage smaller installations successfully by being mentored by my peers. Within a few months my desire for larger and more dynamic projects took hold and as my skill set and confidence grew, so did the size of the projects.

One of my favourite aspects of the job is helping a customer to facilitate a smooth transition from their existing premises into a new, larger location. Once the sales process is complete and the order placed, I always look forward to meeting new customers and seeing their vision of what they wish to achieve and what they are evolving from. Regardless of the customers size or profile, I always enjoy this process. I take time to look over the information within the sales folder and from here enjoy carrying out the detailed site survey and re-drawing the building and required system on AutoCAD.

Being very methodical in my way of working, I take time to look over each aspect and order the required materials. Should I feel any further information may help the customers layout or vision, I will offer my advice. After the sales stage, I will be the main point of contact for the customer, so will be involved with any alterations. These can be in the form of ordering additional materials or changing the layout. Once again, this is why the site survey requires great detail to ensure a re-visit is not required delaying any potential delivery dates for the customer.

I understand that in this industry some customers may have a colleague fully aware of what they require and others may require a little guidance. I try my best to ascertain the level of help that the customer needs and level of involvement they wish to put forward. Not all customers wish to have another task as large as installation added to their current workload so wish for Warehouse Storage Solutions to look after everything. This is not an issue, the customer will be kept up to date via e-mails. This way they can continue their daily operations whilst still being involved without committing their time.

Once all the material quantities and specification are checked, they are ordered. From here the installation team is chosen and the RAMS pack is put together along with the installation drawings. After keeping in touch with the customer I visit the site on the first day of the delivery.

Upon completion of the installation, I walk the area with the customer and they can see how their vision has moved from the initial discussion with the sales team through to the finished layout. It gives me a great sense of achievement at the end of a project once the completion date is met and the project handed over to be fully utilised.

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