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At Warehouse Storage Solutions we provide a range of storage systems designed specifically for the storage of documents and sensitive data. Combining security with easy-to-use features, your documents will be secure yet easy to retrieve when you need them.

What is Archive Racking?

Archive racking is a storage system that is often used by businesses who deal with a great quantity of paperwork and as a result rely heavily on archived documents.

An archive racking system has many tiers of shelves which are designed to hold numerous boxes containing documents. Typically, you can store between four and five boxes per shelf and there is also the option to store two boxes on top of one another.

Protecting your documents is of great importance when considering a storage system. Archive racking provides protection and organisation.

This type of storage system provides a high-density solution which in turn increases the storage capacity. Archive racking also allows for easy indexing of your documents making the retrieval of the documents much quicker.

Archive racking systems can be accessed by a large number of people making it an ideal system to be used in businesses and libraries.

Advantages of Archive Racking:

  • Easy indexing – an indexing system can be implemented which speeds up the retrieval time.
  • High-density storage – four to five boxes can be stored per shelf with the option to store two boxes on top of one another.
  • Accessibility – all shelves are accessible.
  • Adaptable – shelves can be added or removed depending on your needs.

Things to Consider:

There is the option to add sliding doors to your archive racking system which can help to protect the contents. The addition of doors can help to protect your items from dust or light.

Whether you have an excessive amount of documents or just a small quantity, Warehouse Storage Solutions can recommend the solutions that is best suited to your business.

If you would like any further information on archive racking, call us today on 01423 819057 or email sales@warehousestoragesolutions.com to arrange a no obligation visit.

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