“That’s absolutely phenomenal! Wow!”

There are three occasions that I recall thinking that. One was when I stood in front of the Eifel Tower (an experience ruined by someone trying to flog me a key ring for 1 Euro). Another was the first time I stood in front of an Airbus A380 and saw it roar down the runway shortly after. The remaining occasion was in 2014 when I stood in front of my very first “Mega Shed” racking installation. I’ll never forget the feeling of pride, amazement and genuine awe which I felt. There have been a number since, but that same feeling is still there whenever I do the same now in 2019.

A large pallet racking installation sounds quite dull, but it really can be something to behold. Beyond that, the scope of the planning, detail and care that needs to be taken to execute such a feat is something to consider.

Some people think that the large installations should only be the preserve of the “manufacturers” of pallet racking and products. Its true that price is a big factor and manufacturers can be competitive, but as anyone who has ever been involved in this sort of project scope can attest to, price is the easy bit. A number, margin, decimal points, things like these usually determine who will get the opportunity – but then afterwards its a case of making it work and in that there is no substitute for experience and attention to detail.

Let me illustrate…

In F1, a lap time is a number which is usually used to determine competitiveness and with some merit yes. But there’s more than a lap time to winning a race. Driver A may have a faster car and be a faster driver around a lap than Driver B, but that doesn’t automatically mean he will win. The way he handles the traffic, his concentration and consistency, the team strategy and the reliability of the car play a huge part. The driver with the fastest lap time doesn’t always equate to the best driver. Also, how often does the team with the smallest budget win?

So, think about this when you are next planning a large pallet racking project or indeed any significant project. Look beyond pounds and pence to some degree and think of what a supplier can offer. Think:

  • What experience does this company have? Can they demonstrate it?
  • What expertise and attention to detail do they demonstrate?
  • Who are some of their customers? Do they have a lot of repeat business?
  • Do I have confidence that they will give me peace of mind as well as a good price?

As someone with manufacturer experience, I can hand on heart say there are some good people, companies and products out there – but I can also think of some not so good. A big, well executed pallet racking project is a site to behold, but a poor one is also unforgettable for all the wrong reasons.

Think carefully as to who you trust to design and implement the solution that product is in. At Warehouse Storage Solutions we have extensive expertise in not only large pallet racking installations, but across the board of warehousing equipment and services. We are specialists in and have demonstrable experience in turnkey projects also demonstrating our clear understanding of the market and our customers needs. We wouldn’t have that experience if we didn’t provide value for money and were competitive also.

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