Chris O'Brien

Chris O'Brien


Once a project is handed over, it’s the responsibility of the Contracts Department to ensure that it runs smoothly.

The Contracts Department can offer a turnkey solution for the project (excluding the full sales package which will have already been undertaken) which consists of sitting down with the customer to run through the works and ensure a detailed order acknowledgement is issued and verified by the customer. Once this is agreed, the customers involvement can be minimal therefore allowing Warehouse Storage Solutions to liaise with all involved and handover a completed project.

This process is done by selecting suitable sub-contractors, normally based upon choosing a competitive quote from contractors which we have worked with previously to ensure that they have a high standard of work.

From here technical drawings are requested, drawn and complied to ensure that any potential conflicts are resolved before any materials are ordered or manufactured. The Contracts Department are proficient in AutoCAD and can issue a detailed technical general arrangement drawing for approval by all involved.

The materials are ordered and it is the duty of the Project Manager to ensure that dates do not conflict with other works. Their respective delivery dates are essential too, should they be delivered too early or late, this could make the project timescale inefficient. Most turnkey projects will have multiple trades working in harmony alongside one another and it is the Project Manager’s duty to ensure that this happens. The Project Managers at Warehouse Storage Solutions also take into consideration works outside of their remit such as sub-contracted works that the customer may not require Warehouse Storage Solutions to be involved in such as IT.

Some installations will be phased to partially sign off areas enabling the customer to utilise the system and allow their daily operations to resume increasing turnover. Segregation of the working area and construction area is essential for Health and Safety reasons.

Once the order is placed, the customer can be assured that the project will be project managed to the highest level and the completion date is achieved. The customer is kept in contact depending on the level of involvement they wish, but Warehouse Storage Solutions are more than confident to deliver a scheme which is ideally suited to the customers requirement at a competitive price.

If you would like one of our team members to provide advice on how best to utilise the space in your warehouse with a specialist turnkey solution, call us today on 01482 819057 or email to arrange a no obligation visit.


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