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Here at Warehouse Storage Solutions we have the very enviable position of not being tied to a single product supplier and this gives us the flexibility to offer the right solution to our clients. It’s extremely important that whichever supplier you choose, you need to be confident that their solution is going to work for you today and in the future.

Working With Our Clients

Our Projects Sales Managers have many years industry experience and are able to draw on that wealth of knowledge when advising on a specific project. This experience allows our team to create solutions that might not have been considered by our clients due to their focused nature. By bringing in Warehouse Storage Solutions it allows our clients to use our knowledge in creating the right solution for their needs and removes the blinkered approach that can exist.

In business there’s nothing worse than the “we’ve always done it that way” approach to any new project and breaking the mould is something we pride ourselves on. From mezzanine floors to multi-tiered picking solutions, from static  shelving to goods to person automated solutions, from wide aisle pallet racking to semi-automated VNA solutions. We have the tool kits to design, supply and install the right solutions for your business.

Getting the Right Solution

With in-house staff trained in all aspects of health and safety, we’re able to guide our clients through the maze that is the construction industry and all it’s legal requirements. With this knowledge that has been gained over years of working within this environment, our designs will always consider the latest rules and regulations to ensure a design that is both practical and which meets the relevant guidelines on health and safety.

Our designs also ensure the interfaces between other trades, such as MHE, sprinklers and lighting are all managed and integrated to form the overall scheme and leave you with a finished project that exceeds your expectations.


Warehouse Storage Solutions would welcome the opportunity to visit you and your site to advise on any storage solution project you may be working on or considering for the future.

If you would like any further impartial advice on how we can help to re-structure your business, please call us on 01423 819 057 or email us at sales@warehousestoragesolutions.com

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