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Warehouse Storage Solutions is the leading supplier of picking tunnels in the UK. There are many benefits to picking tunnels namely the increase in storage capacity, fast turnaround of stock and the system can be designed for a First In/First Out (FIFO) scenario. One of the biggest benefits of picking tunnels is the health and safety factor. Pickers operate within the tunnel whilst material handling equipment operates in the aisles outside of the picking tunnels.

Picking tunnels are designed to enable stock from higher levels to be placed into picking lanes at ground floor level. Forklift trucks operate within the aisles outside of the tunnels and place pallets into the pick lanes. The pick lanes can be 2, 3 or 4 deep dependant on the speed of the operation. When the first pallet is placed into the pick lane this activates a separator that holds the second pallet. When the first pallet has been picked the operator removes the empty pallet and pushes a plate that releases the separator for the next pallet to flow into the pick location.

When the next pallet flows into the pick location this shows the forklift truck operator an empty space that can then be replenished from the live racking above.

Inside the tunnel pickers can either pick to pallet, container or conveyor again dependant on product and speed of the operation.

Pick tunnels are designed to ensure maximum safety of staff, speed of operations and stock rotation. For more information on this system please call Warehouse Storage Solutions on 01432 819 057 or email sales@warehousestoragesolutions.com for a free, no obligation quote.

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