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Pallet racks provide essential storage options. Therefore, it is not a shock that they are ever-present across our modern warehouses and storage facilities.

Besides, pallets racks are even more valuable when the set-up is adequately done. That way, it is easier to control and keep and inventory of stored materials.

Pallet Racking Design from Warehouse Storage Solutions

How to Design a Pallet Racking System

It is vital to study a range of crucial factors when optimising space for your storage needs. Some of these crucial factors to consider when designing an effective pallet racking system are:

Choosing a Design for the Pallet Racking

The first step in organising your pallet racking is having its design. Mind you, design isn’t just structure; it includes a lot of detail such as timeframes and resource mapping.

More importantly, you need to decide on the location for your staging area and loading bay. It is fundamental for an efficient path between the loading bay and the pallet racking.

Also, the interior columns of your storage facility are important to the nature of the design.

Pallet Racking from Warehouse Storage Solutions

Design the Bay

The design of your bay is quintessential to the capacity of your pallet racking. Some of the things to consider when designing the bay include:

  • Pallet size
  • Height-to-depth ratio of storage rack
  • Product overhang
  • Sprinkler systems/ fire protection

Once the bay designs meet your needs, you’ll be able to duplicate it across your warehouse.

Pallet Racking from Warehouse Storage Solutions

Determine System Capacity

The next step is to determine the frame capacity of your pallet rack. As skilled storage experts, Warehouse Storage Solutions can help you ensure this is done correctly.

Remember that for the system capacities to be valid, racking installation must be consistent with manufacturer instructions.

Furthermore, ensure to maintain a suitable distance from the floor to the first beam level as it improves the pallet racks’s upright capacity.

Pallet Racking from Warehouse Storage Solutions

Types of Pallet Racking

There are several types of pallet racking. In essence, you have to research the pallet racking type for your environment and products.

Take the traditional pallet racking as an example. It is great for ambient indoor environments. Also, it can withstand heavy materials because of its robust design.

Put simply, pallet racking is the perfect and cost-effective choice for warehousing environments.

Pallet Racking from Warehouse Storage Solutions
Plan for Your Equipment

Material handling equipment is imperative to your pallet racking effectiveness. Yet, they take up a lot of space.

Either you fit a reach truck or a counter-balance forklift; you’ll always need a design that suits the equipment you have. That brings us to the importance of aisles.

One of the most essential things to note when planning your material handling equipment is the aisle. There should be enough room that allows convenient aisle width.


Aisle width is requisite for the easy passage of any material handling equipment to be used. A convenient aisle width increased operational efficiency and productivity, as well as reducing rack damage.

Push Back Racking from Warehouse Storage Solutions

Summarily, pallet racks are undeniably efficient at optimising storage resources. Nevertheless, for them to be more efficient, you need to take note of the aforementioned factors.

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