Chris O'Brien

Chris O'Brien


During my 11 year role as a Project Manager within this industry, I have visited numerous customers and sites across the country. Whilst each and every site is unique, one thing that is common within almost all warehouses is the ability to increase the available space and better utilisation of their existing space.

This can be where Warehouse Storage Solutions can help improve the existing floor plan. Depending upon the current layout, options of altering the existing pallet racking layout to make better use of any picking locations, loading/unloading or benefit the for lift truck aisle route. Some instances will allow for additional racking to be built which will increase additional pallet locations.

A simple solutions to utilising the available floor space is through the installations of a mezzanine floor. This can be a simple and much cheaper option to increase the floor space whilst remaining within the same building. A mezzanine floor has multiple uses and is capable of supporting various loadings. Common customer options for the floor space use include shelving, partition offices or manufacturing plant. Lighting underneath the mezzanine floor allows for the current operations to continue whilst the additional floor space above allows for the business to increase.

Depending upon the floor space and the customer specification, options for fire rating, smoke detection, electrical works and endless office interior finishes are possible. Each mezzanine floor is fully customisable with differing staircase layouts to suit the customers need or desired look. The floor finish can be basic with a minimal spec and industrial look through to a retail finish with glazing panels and a stainless steel finish handrail.

For a mezzanine floor to take place, depending upon the size, building approval may be required. Once approved the floor can be installed and fully utilised by the customer. This removes the worry of trying to relocate the business into larger premises where the costs will be higher. A mezzanine floor is a one-off cost which will not only improve the floor space and options for the customer, but allow them to remain at their current address. Maintenance on a mezzanine floor is minimal so return on investment is achieved very quickly.

If you feel that a mezzanine floor may be beneficial to your business, call Warehouse Storage Solutions on 01423 819 057 or email for a free, no obligation quote.

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