Automation within a warehouse can have many advantages over conventional warehousing systems.

At Warehouse Storage Solutions we can offer a complete system that would suit your organisation’s operational needs.

There are many different types of automation that can be introduced into a warehouse’s operating procedure. This can include going from fully automated to semi-automated/mechanically operated depending on what your organisation is looking to achieve.

There are many benefits to automated systems, whether it be fully automated or semi-automated/mechanically automated. Below are some of the benefits associated with pallet storage and retrieval within a warehouse:

  • Removal of the routine tasks that would take a lot of time and resources
  • Potential to increase the storage capacity of your warehouse within the same footprint of your existing storage area
  • Removal of the potential damages to your storage racking, reducing repair bills and lost storage capacity
  • Increased worker safety due to the reduction of forklift truck activity

As Warehouse Storage Solutions are not affiliated to one particular fully automated or semi-automated/mechanical automated provider, this gives us a greater ability to find the solution that best suits our customer’s needs.

If you would like any further information on automation within a warehouse call us today on 01482 819057 or email sales@warehousestoragesolutions.com to arrange a no obligation visit.

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