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Short Span Shelving

Warehouse Storage solutions have been supplying short span shelving for many years to a wide range of customers across Yorkshire the North of England and the United Kingdom.

Short Span Shelving is a system that is generally used for light duty items that are manually picked and placed. The shelves can be manufactured either as a solid piece or tubular.

Short Span Shelving is ideal for small hand loaded products. The typical sort of products stored on this type of system would be: clothing, boxes, small parts or archiving. Installing short span Shelving will maximise your storage footprints. 

The short span shelving would be designed around the product required to be stored, by doing this we are able to maximise the space available.

As one of the UK’s specialist providers we are able to manage the entire process for you from the initial design through the manufacturing and installation we minimise the disruption to your business during the installation and pride ourselves in delivering on time and within budget.

Call a member of the Warehouse Storage Solutions team for an informal chat and find out how we can help your business or feel free to fill our enquiry form.


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