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Peter Marsh


Establishing and implementing the most suitable and relevant turnkey warehouse design from the outset can have a profound influence on the useful life of the facility, it’s capacity and productivity, and of course, significant financial benefits.

Modelling a range of options to determine an appropriate design, Warehouse Storage Solutions can build a picture of what you can expect from a warehouse during periods of typical and peak-activity from go-live; whilst simultaneously including specific agreed planning horizons for individual client requirements.

Warehouse Storage Solutions will design a suitable and flexible facility, considering future business growth pans to ensure warehouse operations can adapt to changes in volume and product-type. Modelling a range of options to arrive at an appropriate design.

At Warehouse Storage Solutions we have a detailed knowledge and understanding of what is required to operate an efficient distribution centre, warehouse and picking/dispatch operation. Our in-house CAD facilities enable us to provide our clients with accurate turnkey quotations for supply and installation.

We regularly work with our clients in establishing:

  • New build design and re-configuration of existing warehouse, picking and distribution facilities
  • Facility sizing and Distribution Centre (DC) capacity assessment
  • Optimised facility CAD designs/layout, handling practices and workflows
  • Automation and materials handling systems specification, development and implementation
  • Systems and equipment specification, procurement and implementation
  • Specification and tendering of equipment including racking and shelving
  • Work closely with the preferred MHE provider to ensure the solutions integrate without any problems
  • Project management and risk minimisation

Our design team use AutoCAD software that is capable of assisting planning from simple storey building racking layouts to more complex multi-level facilities with automated handling conveyors and has been proven on various client projects over many turnkey projects.

The ability to easily change drawings gives our clients a choice of layouts to optimise workflows; enabling them to develop their warehouse processes and standard operating procedures in line with supply chain and logistics strategy requirements.

Turnkey Pallet Racking, Pedestrian Barrier & Line Marking Layout

Turnkey Pallet Racking Layout from Warehouse Storage Solutions

Turnkey Pallet Racking View - Warehouse Storage Solutions

Turnkey Pallet Racking View - Warehouse Storage Solutions

Turnkey Pallet Racking View - Warehouse Storage Solutions

Turnkey Mezzanine Floor with Sprinklers, Lighting & Smoke Detection to Underside & Longspan Project & Rack Identification Labelling On Top of the Mezzanine

Turnkey Mezzanine Layout from Warehouse Storage Solutions

Turnkey Mezzanine View

Turnkey Mezzanine View - Warehouse Storage Solutions

Turnkey Mezzanine View -

If you would like one of our experienced team to assist you and provide advice on how best to utilise the space in your warehouse with a turnkey solution made for you, call us today on 01482 819057 or email to arrange a no obligation visit.

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