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Pallet Live Racking

Warehouse Storage Solutions limited based in Harrogate offers wide range of Pallet Racking solutions. We offer commercial and industrial pallet racking solutions to a wide base of clients across the UK.

Pallet Live racking is a fantastic system for businesses that have high density storage but where there is a need to rotate stock, maybe it has a best before date or is a short life product etc.

Pallet Live Pallet Racking is a system designed to give a first in, first out (FIFO) high density storage solution, the real benefit is that it does not require specialist handling equipment so therefore it can provide a really cost effective solution.

Simply place the first pallet at the ‘Load Face’ and allow gravity to move the pallet to the first ‘Unload Face’ position. This allows efficient stock rotation and also clear stock taking.

If this is a solution you are looking for, we would advise that you seek information and clarity from one our design experts. Again, this system does not require the use of specialised handling equipment.

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